The Cheapest Disney Souvenir (That Will Send You on a Bonus Scavenger Hunt)

Shopping for merchandise at Disney Parks can get expensive – the styled theme park ears, collector pins, lanyards and clothing is costly, especially if you’re travelling with multiple children.

These souvenirs are inexpensive, and give you the joy of searching for the pennies in shops and kiosks around the park. There are 26 coin press machines in Disneyland Park, 17 coin press machines in Disney California Adventure and coin press machines in downtown Disney. In fact, there are over 150 designs of pressed coins that you’ll find at Disneyland.

Pennies are common, quarters can be found at select attractions and pressed dimes can be found exclusively in Toon Town. Pressed nickels can be found only on special occasions. So, stock up on that change and bring it along for a cheap souvenir collection in Disneyland.

TIP: When you’re collecting pennies to press, choose pennies before 1982, as they’re made from copper, as opposed to being covered in copper. Pennies manufactured after 1982 can result in streaking in the designs.

Where to Find Pressed Penny Machines

Using the Disneyland app, you can find each location on the map. Just choose to filter the search with ‘pressed pennies’ in the app. Each location usually has three design choices, so you can choose between the three of them, or allow kids to create their own collection and choice, or grab all three for $1.53 for the pressed pennies, and $1 (four quarters) for the pressed quarters, and $.85 (three quarters and one dime) for the pressed dime machine.

TIP: Where can you get pressed pennies? Visit the penny arcade and find the penny machine. There, you can put a quarter into the machine and it will dispense twenty-five pennies for you to press.

How to Display your Pressed Coins 

You can buy a Disney pressed souvenir book. It’s $12.99, and gives you a place to hold all those coins, and display them, as they’re collected on your visit to Disneyland.

Through the day, if you’re not displaying or collecting the pennies in the collector’s souvenir book, you can store them in candy tubes, ziploc bags or a small pouch until you’ve finished the day’s adventure.

Pressed pennies, and pressed coins, are an inexpensive way to collect something new and have a souvenir momento of the vacation to Disneyland. With machines throughout the park, and a new way to collect, kids can create a scavenger hunt experience, in between rides and characters.