Jasper: Source of the Springs Trail at Miette Hot Springs

We’ve got one child currently obsessed with run down and abandoned buildings. I don’t know if it’s Youtube and the adventures that she’s been watching – but she is completely obsessed with the idea of discovering something abandoned, run-down and compl

Getting to the Source of the Springs Trail

Follow the winding road up to Miette Hot springs and park in the parking lot. Follow the marked, paved trail through the abandoned aqua court and then, up past a boardwalk where you’ll reach the bridge across Sulphur Creek, the viewing area and finally, the source of the springs.

Climbing the Source of the Springs Trail

The out and back trail is short enough for young children (at under a couple of kilometres) and has enough along the way to pique and keep their interest, from the rocks and creek to climb on adjacent to the trail, and it’s suitable for infants, as the entire paved trail is stroller-friendly.

With a 150 ft elevation gain and a half hour walk, it’s a family friendly trail in Jasper that makes for a great before (or after) trip to the Miette Hot Springs.

You’ll start out on the paved trail, and finish at a boardwalk style of trail where you’ll be able to get up an close experience with the old bath house, the source of the springs and even the small pools in the area. Both kids loved the fact that trees were planted in the area where the old swimming pool was located. It fulfilled their request to discover something abandoned, getting a closer look at the lesser modern version of somewhere they’e become so familiar with.

It’s incredible to imagine that this is where the hot springs were originally located, and to think about how incredible the location and the experience must have been to visit the area – that landscape, I wish I would have had the chance see it in its glory before rockslides prompted the closure of the property.