Jasper: Path of the Glacier at Edith Cavell Hike

Path of the Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell is one of the shortest hikes with the most incredible viewpoint that we’ve attempted with our kids. Located outside of Jasper, the well used trail is one that can be trekked by even the youngest of kids.

At the end of the trail, the north side of Mount Edith Cavell will look you straight in the face, and a melting blue-green glacier lake during the summer months.

The climb is steady, but paved, and the short 1.3 km return hike is well travelled, so there’s no sketchy areas for footing. Uphill with a 70m elevation gain, it was easily completed by even the youngest in our crew (age 4). You can reach the bottom of the glacier, and view the Angel Glacier wings between Mt. Edith Cavell and Sorrow Peak.

At the bottom of Path of the Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell, there’s an incredible large rock to climb on, ice chunks, and incredible blue-green water, with glacier views from every direction.

Just beyond the meltwater of the lake, a little more of the toe of the glacier is melted away by the slightly warmer lakes, causing icebergs and ice caves.

To return, follow the trail the way you came. The path down is much easier than the path up! The trail will take about an hour to go down and back, adding in as much time as you want to spend down at the bottom at the foot of the glacier.

When to visit: This trail can be quite popular, so we suggest either heading out early in the morning or in the evening, avoiding the prime tour destination time of late morning and early afternoon, when the trail becomes quite congested.

If you’re lucky, you might just witness giant icebergs that have calved off of the Path of the Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell floating in the lake. If you’re really, really lucky, you might get to see one of the massive pieces of ice sliding down the mountainside and debris roaring into the glacier.

Directions to Path of the Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell

To get to the trailhead for Path of the Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell, go 7 km south of Jasper on Highway 93 and turn right onto Highway 93A. From there, travel 5.4 km and turn right onto the Cavell Road. The 14-km road is quite narrow at points.

This is a seasonal hike. The Road to Edith Cavell is typically open mid-June, and closes September or October for the winter season, depending on the local snowfall. 

Note: No trailers and large motorhomes allowed on Cavell Road. Drop-off area located in the parking lot at the start of Cavell Road on 93A.

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