How We Collect Airmiles Fast and Get Free Disney Tickets Multiple Times Each Year

Shop Safeway Blue Friday 

Once a month, there is a Blue Friday event at Safeway, where specific items come with bonus miles. It’s often cereal and snack foods, things that our kids go through on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon to find me shopping on Blue Friday during one of the cereal deals and stocking up on the family sized boxes of cereal on special.

Here’s an example: $3.99 boxes of cereal, 100 bonus Airmiles when you buy 5.

5 boxes of cereal $19.95 (100 Bonus Airmiles)
5 boxes of cereal $19.95 (100 Bonus Airmiles)
5 boxes of cereal $19.95 (100 Bonus Airmiles)
5 boxes of cereal $19.95 (100 Bonus Airmiles)
5 boxes of cereal $19.95 (100 Bonus Airmiles)
5 boxes of cereal $19.95 (100 Bonus Airmiles)
75 bonus Airmiles when you spend $75
– fruit or other miscellaneous groceries to reach bonus threshold for additional miles
Total spent: $125 Total Airmiles earned: 675

Now, you might ask yourself what I am going to do with twenty-five boxes of cereal – actually, who am I kidding – you’ve got kids, you know how (short) a box of cereal lasts. Watch the expiry dates, and know how many you’ll use before they expire, so the food is not wasted.

Shop the Weekly Blue Bonus

Every week at Safeway and Sobeys, they’ve started the introduction of a bonus offer. Each week at Safeway/Sobeys, there is a ‘Blue Bonus’ offer. This week, it was buy 6 pancake mix, syrup, instant oatmeal, and get 95 Airmiles. I popped in, stocked up on pancake mix (because we go through a lot of pancakes in this house) and snagged a cool 288 Airmiles, in one shot.

Use Airmiles Shops 

Before you shop online, log in to Airmiles Shops. This way, you can collect Airmiles for everything that you’re buying online. If you’re like us, you’re mostly shopping for your busy family online – and those miles add up quickly. Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Sephora – and so many other stores, have offers available every single week for bonus mile multipliers, like five times the base amount (1 mile per $20).

Make it a habit to log in with Airmiles Shops, and start your shopping trip there, you’ll be surprised by how quickly they add up.

Don’t Skip the App

Download the ‘My Offers’ app where you’ll find specialized offers, as well as offers available to all members. The appear  has offers that can be loaded to your card, personalized to you, and additional ways to save (as well as being a good reminder take advantage of time-sensitive special offers).

Watch out for Special Offers 

Seasonal offers, like ‘Shop the Block’ where you can get bonus Airmiles just by shopping specific offers, are an easy way to get upwards of 3,000 Airmiles, every year. These offers are a great way to get bonus Airmiles from shopping that you would have completed anyway!

Using these techniques we’ve redeemed Airmiles for two trips to Disneyland in the past year, and are well on our way to earning enough miles to redeem for Disney World tickets for a Halloween trip!