How to Spend a Day in Drumheller with Kids

Day trips are my jam. There’s something about being at-home, in your own bed, at the end of the day that appeals to me. Even if that whole ‘in your own bed’ thing doesn’t happen until the late, late hours of the night. Drumheller, just three hours from Edmonton, is a day trip that we make at least once a year, to explore the hoodoos, to see what’s new at the Royal Tyrrell and set out to discover something new, that we haven’t seen before.

Here’s what we’ve got on our list when it comes to exploring Drumheller

Grab Cinnamon Buns at the General Store 
The caramel sauce is what dreams are made of at the General Store, and if you get there early enough in the day and need a little something for breakfast, the cinnamon buns should be first on your list to give that energy boost for a full day of exploring.

Rosedale Suspension Bridge 
Start out at the Suspension bridge and work your way backwards. The bridge is 117 metres long that crosses the Red Deer River in Rosedale, just outside of Drumheller, Alberta. Cross the bridge, a couple of times if you dare, and spend a few moments exploring on the other side of the bridge. There are trails through the hoodoos, small caves to discover and search for creatures, and lots of badland-esque landscape to start your adventure.
Cost: free

The Royal Tyrrell Museum 
Always worth a trip, it’s one of those annual adventures that the kids come to expect during the summer months. With interactive exhibits and staff members always within reach that are working on something cool, like extracting fossils or cleaning fossils, it’s a cool adventure for the whole family. Check out the story time (free), raptor assembly (free) or take in an interactive session. The hands-on journey takes approximately two hours to walk through, but plan to spend additional time at the incredible playground outside (that also makes the perfect place for a brought along picnic snack).
Cost: $48/family

Lunch at the Last Chance Saloon 
Search for ghosts at the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne. Look for the saddle seats on the kid-friendly bar patio outside. Whether you just stop for the photo opportunity, or enjoy your meal out there, the place to play nearby will entertain the kids if the saddles haven’t. The kids love the journey to get there, as you cross eleven bridges to make the journey. Count them as you go!
Cost: $$

Sit in a Tiny Church
There’s something about this tiny church that the kids love – and we love the fact that it’s a quick stop, we usually stop to let them run around and explore for the last stop of the day. Find the tiny church in Drumheller just past the Museum on the Highway.

Atlas Coal Mine Tour 
There’s an above ground tour that’s kid-friendly, but it can be quite loud and jarring for young, or sensitive kids – so keep this in mind when you’re making the decision to take in the tour! It’s a short tour that’s fully above ground, spanning the grounds of the mine with an interactive tour guide throughout the journey.

Horsethief Canyon
The lookout points, trails and ground squirrels, make this is a great stop before you head home for the day. Plan your day in time to watch the sun set over the badlands. The kids can run around (watch out for those steep slopes) and enjoy the canyon that’s filled with miniature valleys while they hunt for fossils.