How to Meet More Characters on Your Disneyland Vacation

There’s more to the Disney experience than just rides. Getting the full experience for one of our children, was meeting her favourite characters, crossing them off of her list and getting her autograph book filled with autographs.

Here are tips you can use to experience more character meet and greets on your next trip to Disneyland:

Use the Disneyland App
The Disneyland App provides wait times for the rides and experiences at Disneyland, but it also provides you with up to the minute information about which characters are going to be at which location. Check in with the app regularly for characters that are near your location and get there quickly, as characters are usually only in one place for fifteen minutes.

Using the app, you can be alerted in advance of where the characters are going to be located before they are there. Line up before they arrive and get in and out without waiting in line and missing meeting your favourite Disney character.

Book a Character Meal
For parents that want to skip the lines and waiting around for character meet and greet experiences, the character brunch and dinners. At these meals, you can meet multiple characters and have a personal experience, with the character coming around to each table and meet with each child personally, to take photos and sign autograph books.

Know Before You Go
Make a list of which characters you would like to meet, and use the Disneyland information to find out where they appear, and when. There are many characters that only appear at certain times, and in certain ‘lands’, so if these characters are on your ‘must-meet’ list, you can ensure that you’re there when you need to be.

There are certain characters that only appear at specific times of year, like Jack Skellington and Sally. Planning your trip around special holidays can help you to meet these characters, if they’re on your must-meet list at Disneyland.

It’s About More than Just Autographs
There are some characters that skip the autograph sessions in lieu of something more interactive, engaging more kids in an experience that they’re going to remember, rather than just quickly scrawling their signature in the autograph book. Children can play tag with Peter Pan, or a game of toss with Alice and the Mad Hatter – and if you’re lucky, you might just have time to get an autograph at the end.

Encourage your kids to get in character, and you’ll get more from the character meetings. Ask questions about their characters, their experiences and their friends.