How to NOT Double the Price of Your Next Trip with Swoop

With Swoop Airlines low cost flights, it’s up to you to make sure that you keep the price low. That’s the cost of travelling the cheap, right?

For us, the cost is the selling point and we can go into a flight without the extras: the extras including drinks and snacks on the flight, checked baggage, carry on baggage and selecting your seats. It’s rare that you’ll find me travelling with more than a personal item, a few days of clothes stashed into an average size gym bag, that easily condenses to fit into the personal item space.

Using small packing cubes, packing lightly and coming home with only memories makes it easy to skip the costs of checked or carry on baggage, but here are some of the tips that we use to keep those flights low in cost: 

Skip the baggage, obviously 

Pack a capsule wardrobe. Pack light, and find a bag that you can put enough clothing inside, but still condense into the area when you’re checking in with your flight, where it can fit. Take anything large, like a MacBook in a sleeve, out of the bag, and carry it with you.

On this note, find the right bag that fits. I have a trusty gym bag that I know I can fill 3/4 of the way with rolled up clothing – sorry, no room for extra shoes! For bulky jackets, we leave them in our vehicle, and usually layer up with a packable jacket or sweater that does double duty on the trip.

Check in Early 

I don’t care if I sit at the back of plane, usually – I don’t care if we sit together. Checking in as soon as you’re able to, at that twenty four hour before your flight mark has enabled us to sit together, without paying the extra $20-40 per person to choose our seats. Want to know a secret? On the multiple Swoop flights that we’ve taken, we’ve always been seated together upon check in.

Bring Your own Drink

There are charges for every small item when you’re flying, and this includes beverages. If you’re hopping on to a flight that’s a few hours long, make sure that you’ve grabbed your own drinks past the security checkpoint, and that you’ve packed snacks from home (hello, $20 saved!).

Paying the extra money to check carry on or checked baggage, and choosing your seats by paying ahead can quickly add up to the cost of regular airlines, in comparison with the ultra low cost airlines like Swoop.