Family Travel Guide: Jasper

Escaping to the mountains of Jasper ensures a weekend with adventure and wildlife, or rest and relaxation. You can travel at your pace, enjoying the turquoise lakeshore, or spending the weekend on thrilling adventures and family-friendly paths.

Whether you visit during the winter and enjoy the calm that comes from Jasper during the cold season, or camp during the summer, there are plenty of festivals to explore through the year and reasons to visit: the dark sky festival, the Jasper Christmas Parade, or spend Christmas in the mountains.

Where to Stay in Jasper with Kids

  • Bear Hill Lodge
    Cabins located in the hear of Jasper with a modern, rustic design and various sizes for families of all shapes and sizes. Affordably priced for weekend getaways, and comfortable, clean and functional spaces. You’ll love the board games that can be borrowed from the check-in office.
  • Whistler’s Campground
    A gorgeous place to spend the weekend, make sure that you book early for a space in this popular family campground. Armed with amenities like family programming, playgrounds, showers, and easy access to town, Whistler’s campground is one of the best campgrounds in Jasper for families. If you’re more interested in Glamping, check out the Otentik set-up.

Summer/Fall Activities in Jasper with Kids

  • Miette Hot Springs 
    Miette Hot Springs are the hottest natural hot springs in the Rockies and come with the luxury of wonderful mountain views, and the convenience of having suits for rent if you’ve skipped bringing them this time around. Open May to October, it’s only $20.35/family to visit the attraction.
  • Source of the Springs Trail 
    Located up the road to Miette Hot Springs, the Source of the Springs Trail brings you down a paved and boarded trail to the source of the springs, and the location of the old hot springs. It’s an easy, half-hour walk on a stroller-friendly trail, that children love. After all, what kid doesn’t love exploring abandoned places?
  • Maligne Lake Cruise
    More kid friendly than you would imagine, the Maligne Lake Cruise is your chance to experience the lake in an entirely new way – from the middle. Venture over to spirit island in a lovely boat cruise where you can spend the entire ninety minutes of the cruise outside, and venture around a kid-friendly loop at Spirit Island. Children can steer the boat, and have their questions personally answered by local guides.
  • Jasper Skytram 
    Take the Skytram to the top of the mountain. The ten-minute ride up in the standing car affords you with breathtaking views and the chance to hike up a trail to get an even higher vantage point. Jump on the rocks, follow a boarded trail around at various lookout points and search for Marmots.
  • Horseshoe Lake
    It’s thrilling to jump in the freezing cold water from the varying heights of cliffs (yes, even kid friendly jumps!) and it’s worth the trip to this Lake area, near Jasper. The highest jump point is around eighty feet, but there are plenty that are just a few feet. Make sure you visit on a hot day, and bring plenty of towels to dry off and warm up when you’ve finished. To get there, take highway 93 (Ice Field Parkway) South of Jasper approximately 25 kilometers.
  • Jasper Lake
    Did you know there’s a lake in Jasper that you can walk all the way across, without it going above your knees? It’s actually not a lake, and it disappears during the winter months, but Jasper Lake has a great shoreline with warm water near shore for younger children, and older children and families can take on the challenge to walk all the way across the lake.
  • Explore Athabasca Falls 
    Make your way down to the bottom of the falls for a magical experience, and a place to enjoy a picnic. On your way down the kid-friendly paths, you can get gorgeous views of the falls. Find Athabasca Falls 31 km (20 min) south of Jasper, Junction of Hwy 93 and 93A.

Winter/Spring Activities in Jasper with Kids

  • Take a Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour 
    The winter wildlife tour in Jasper is one way to get you up close and personal with the wildlife in Jasper. You’ll get to find all of the local hotspots for elk, deer, sheep, goats, coyotes, wolves, and moose are just a sample of Jasper’s wild mountain fauna. Learn all about the ways these animals contribute to the rich diversity of the National Park and how they survive the mountain winters. Make sure you dress warm, and in layers, though most of the tour is on the bus, you’ll probably want to get off at some point to get a closer look.
  • Explore Athabasca Falls 
    Athabasca Falls is a completely new landscape during the winter months. It’s a gorgeous winter wonderland of falls and ice, just make sure to watch your step as you’re exploring. Find Athabasca Falls 31 km (20 min) south of Jasper, Junction of Hwy 93 and 93A.

Where to Eat in Jasper with Kids

  • Jasper Park Lodge 
    Kid-Friendly and full of dining options for special occasions or a brunch on the weekend, Jasper Park Lodge has a delicious menu, but can be a bit spendy. It’s worth the trip to explore the grounds, lakes, and celebrations during the holidays.
  • Cafe Mondo
    Grilled croissant sandwiches that are crispy with cheese hit the spot for breakfast every single time, for us and the kids, from Cafe Mondo. Limited seating area and leave the stroller outside, but you’re going to love this gem at 616 Patricia Street, in town.