Exploring: The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

The Neon Museum is one of those moments that I wanted to experience, right at the top of my list by sit poolside and enjoy many a slushie drinks while we’re spending an adult only weekend in Las Vegas. It makes the list of the ‘top things to do in Vegas’ in most places that you search, and was high on our list of places to discover when we pulled ourselves away from the pool on a recent adults only trip to Las Vegas.

Tickets are $20/person, and depending on how in depth you wan tto view the signs and learn about the history, you can expect to spend between thirty and ninety minutes exploring the signs, and the Neon Sign Graveyard.

Tip: if you buy your admission in advance, you can save $2 off of the ticket price. We completed this easily through the website, the day of.

What struck me as so incredible about the Neon Museum were the people that volunteered their time, learning the history of the city, the signs and the¬†phases¬†that Las Vegas has gone through over the past decades. We learned about the 90s, when Tourism boards were trying to brand Las Vegas as family-friendly, with a massive skeleton skull outside of Treasure Island, to the theme that we’re in now – right in the middle of a night club era, if you’re curious.

There is so much history to every sign in the Neon Museum, and getting the chance to walk through and see the decades, up close, while learning more about each sign, was a great way to spend a morning.

Visit www.neonmuseum.org to purchase tickets, and learn more.