Exploring Pyramid Lake via Guided Canoe Tour with Wild Current Outfitters

From the moment we stepped out of our vehicle and were greeted on the shoreline by Mike from Wild Current Outfitters for our Pyramid Lake Guided Canoe Tour, the kids were thrilled. Not only did they get a quick canoe paddling refresher (a first time paddle lesson for Stella), but they got a warm welcome to the river. It was their first time in a canoe of the season, and it was a fantastic kick-off. 

Pyramid Lake Guided Canoe Tour

Wild Current Outfitters provides rental canoes as well as small group tours, making it a great option for an activity in Jasper while maintaining social distance. The small grouping, and intimate adventure gives you an up close and personal tour of Pyramid Lake with a local expert. 

Through the tour, the kids bombarded Mike with questions, asked to share his binoculars to view a nesting spot he pointed out, sipped on countless mugs of hot cocoa, and spent the overcast day looking for wildlife from a brand new vantage point than they had experienced before. 

As parents, the private guided canoe tour is a stress-free option. On similar tours with strangers, I always wonder whether the non-stop questions, thrilled screams of delight when they spot something, or general rowdiness (you know – excited kids) can affect other people on tours who have paid the price to take in the experience. The private tour took away all of this stress, and allowed us to create an adventure experience that catered fully to our family – and the rambling questions, and running commentary about the hot chocolate. 

At three-hours, it’s just the right length to make it leisurely over to the other side of the lake, view wildlife, get a glimpse of the path the we’ve walked on so many times and have some local insight from our guide, Mike, on where to go when we tried the tour.

The guided Pyramid Lake Jasper canoe adventure allows you to paddle along, or relax and take in the views of the lake. This was great, especially with parents of younger kids, we took turns answering questions, and paddling along with our guide, Mike. 

How to Book a Wild Current Outfitters Experience 

Each boat on the Wild Current Outfitters can accommodate up to eight guests in a family. Tours can be booked in advance through an easy online booking form, on the Wild Current Outfitters website. The process is simple. Make sure you book in advance, and early in the season, as reservable spots get filled early in the season for this custom adventure!  

How much does it cost? Rates start at $55 (children) and $120 (adults) making this adventure a bit of a splurge, for families, but one that’s well worth experiencing. Discounts are available for the private tours, the more adults you add to the experience.  

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