Coulee Viewpoint Trail at Dinosaur Provincial Park

When you drive into Dinosaur Provincial Park or are camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park, you’ll probably notice the stairs heading down into a valley of hoodoos on the left side of the road. The trails, stairs, and finally, the lookout point, lead to Coulee Viewpoint Trail – a must-do if you’re spending the weekend camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The 1km trail took us about ninety minutes with the kids – I know, a long time for a short trail. We spent quite a bit of time climbing high at the end of the trail, and again, on the loop back, when we continued through the back edge of the trail, where there’s so much to climb over, holes to explore, and caves scattered through the badlands.

The most difficult part of the trail is the widely spaced stairs at the end (the only potentially difficult part for the smallest people with little legs). Other than that, the trail was an incredibly easy, relatively flat (aside from the potential climbing for even more incredible views of Coulee Viewpoint) at the end. Our three year old was easily able to complete the whole thing.

There’s the option of the loop or the out and back trail, and as the markers on the trail are scarce, you’ll know the general direction you’re going in, but there are many ways that you can get there. Take a photo of the map at the beginning of the trail for reference, if you want to pass the interpretive signs throughout.

Where to find the trail: Park at the Visitor’s Centre and look for the signs to point you in the direction of the Coulee Viewpoint Trail. It’s easy to find the trailhead, but the markers on the trail can be scarce.

TIP: there are bathrooms at the visitor centre that are OPEN.