Boardwalk of the Giant Cedars Near Revelstoke

Boardwalk of the Giant Cedars Near Revelstoke

Driving along the long the Trans Canada Highway in Mount Revelstoke National Park this year? Maybe you’re searching for a road trip stop on the way to Shuswap Lake? The Boardwalk of the Giant Cedars is an incredible place to stop and stretch, walk, explore and run off some energy for the second half of the road trip.

Cedars more than 500 years old grow in the park, and walking through, you will get a true sense of just how ancient the trees feel when you’re walking through a corridor created between two of the trees, or standing in a tree hollowed out that’s hundreds of years old. The trail is easily enough for the smallest of feet, a short walk through the boardwalks is easily navigated in under a half-hour, making it the perfect road trip stop!

What can you expect at Boardwalk of the Giant Cedars?

A half kilometre boardwalk takes you into the heart of the park’s old-growth forest, among cedar trees that may be more than half a millennium old. Signs along the way relate the importance of functioning ecosystems. Benches are provided so you can relax and breathe in the serene forest atmosphere. Trailhead is at the Giant Cedars Picnic Area, 30 km east of Revelstoke on the Trans Canada Highway.

Parking is easily found on-site, but during busy times it can be tight with cars entering and leaving the site. Overflow parking isn’t easily found in the area, so we suggest trying to visit during ‘off’ times, like earlier in the morning, or later in the afternoon. When we visited later in the afternoon, after dinner, there were very few vehicles in the area and very few other people on the trail.

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