Where to go Beachcombing in Haida Gwaii

Beachcombing in Haida Gwaii is filled with magic. For families that are willing to brave the windy shores, treasure awaits. Top treasures include Japanese glass fishing floats, sperm whale teeth, starfish, scallop shells, sand dollars, and coveted agate gemstones.

What are some of the best places for Beachcombing in Haida Gwaii?

North Shore Beach 
Find it at: 14.2 km down Tow Hill Road from Masset, marked by a small beach access sign on the left hand side of the road.
Find: shells, fishing floats, whale teeth and agates. We’ve found a massively diverse collection of shells over the course of ten days visiting this beach, from giant round shells, to cone shells, and shiny scallop shells.

Ops Beach 
Find it at: 5 km down Tow Hill Road, a gravel road after an ‘S’ bend in the road after the naval station 
Find: This rocky beach is one of the best places to discover tide pools and search for gorgeous red starfish. The rocky tide pools created from lava formations hundreds of millions years ago are filled with treasures, and this is the best place to find Starfish at North Beach. The rock formations are incredible, just make sure you’re visiting at low tide or they’ll be hidden by the ocean!

Agate Beach 
Find it at: 23 kms east of Masset on Tow Hill Road (near North Beach)
Find: Located right on this windy beach is a campground that’s going to take your breath away with the views. A popular place to find those gorgeous gems in the sand, Agate Beach gets its name because of the abundance of the gems you’ll find there. You can wander for miles and miles. It’s a popular place for paddle boarding, surfing and other sports.