Where to Stay in Orange County with Kids: Hyatt Regency Orange County

From the moment we started researching hotels for our first trip to Disneyland, there were a few must-haveon my list: room service, a pool, a suite with separate space for the kids and a shuttle to Disneyland.

We compared a few Disneyland Good Neighbour hotels and the Hyatt Regency in Orange County was the clear winner, with rooms that had views of the Disneyland Fireworks, a Starbucks in the Lobby, room service and bunk beds in a separate space for the kids.


Arriving at the hotel, the kids were happy to find a small lounge adjacent to the in-lobby restaurant where they could hang out and watch the never-ending stream of children’s movies. It was a helpful feature while we were checking in and buying our passes to Disneyland, from the Disneyland Desk, right in the lobby. We learned about the daily Shuttle to Disneyland (approximate five to ten minutes away) and the fact that it departed the hotel and returned back, twice hourly – meaning we wouldn’t have to wait long.

Hyatt Regency Orange County - Family Travelist

Hotel Amenities 

We stayed for six days and had the chance to visit both pool areas, multiple times. Both outdoor pools are heated, and the South pool features a fire area where marshmallow kits purchased from the cafe can be fired and roasted, in addition to one of those life-size Checkers sets.

Room service was quick and relatively comparable to other hotels where we’ve stayed. Staff were always quick to bring an extra drink for the baby, when we ordered kids meals, and included a little extra of something – there’s a five dollar delivery fee, so if you’re frequently ordering room service it can get expensive, but we would highly recommend the kid’s breakfast items. They’re relatively inexpensive and the portion sizes are generous. Hotel guests also have the option of having food delivered to the pool area, something that we didn’t take advantage of this time around.

The Shuttle to Disneyland was one that we used multiple times throughout the trip. For our family of five, the shuttle was $18/day. The cost was less expensive than taking an Uber, and sure beat renting a car only to pay for parking at the hotel and at Disneyland, so we took advantage of it the three days that we visited Disneyland. Staff members were friendly, it was never over-filled, and with two trips to Disneyland and returning from Disneyland, every hour, we never waited very long.

The Family Suite featured the main area for parents, and a room for the children, with bunk beds – one of the reasons that we chose the hotel. The layout of the room is created so when you walk into the room you immediately face the storage and mini-kitchenette area, and you turn left or right to reach each side of the room. There was plenty of room for the kids to play and they had their own television in their room for downtime – but the only drawback was having to enter through the doors to the children’s room to access the bathroom.

The Extras like the fact that they provided us with a pack and play for the trip, with bedding and toiletries for infants, extra shampoo and the convenience of being able to charge the Starbucks in the lobby to your room on the way to or back from the pool, enhanced our experience at the Hyatt Regency Orange County.

You can skip Disneyland and head to the beach for the day. It was a $35 Uber ride to Crystal Cove State Park, where we explored tide pools, walked in the sand, made castles and enjoyed lunch at the Beachcomber. To visit Unversal Studios, the Uber was a bit more of a splurge at $48-50 each way (fare surges during rush hour traffic – and so does the travel time (we spent nearly two hours in the Uber coming back from Universal).

Is the Hotel Kid-Friendly? 

Though the pools might not be as inherently as kid-friendly as the Marriott Waterpark down the boulevard, there were enough features, like the room-service kid’s meals, quality service, kids game arcade, and family rooms that made the Hyatt an extremely kid-friendly hotel.

There is no reason that I wouldn’t return to Hyatt Regency Orange County. We would return, and choose the larger family room the next time around, on a future trip to Disneyland.

Find the Hyatt Regency Orange County at 11999 Harbor Blvd., near Disneyland. 


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