It’s June and the Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash Park (the Wibit) is open for the season. Offshore from Sylvan Lake, the inflatable park includes features like a fifteen foot tower, climbing wall and slide, wiggle bridge, cliffs, trapeze swing and trampoline.

We’ve ventured out to try with our oldest – and to say that she loved it was an understatement. She was able to tackle 90% of the park, while the younger kids played on the beach. We look forward to a junior edition in the future – but for now, we wanted to share a few helpful tips before you make the day trip to Sylvan Lake.

Here’s what you should know before you go –

Minimum Age | Children under the age of six aren’t permitted on the structure. If you’ve got younger children, there’s talk of a junior course opening up at Sylvan Lake is 2018, but for now, children must be at least six years old and 42″ tall. Children under the age of nine must go on the structure with an adult, a paying adult.

Getting Tickets | Tickets start from $12/person, per hour, but you can save 25% if you’ve got a large group of people, or if you buy tickets for the early bird or twilight hour. Tickets are also less expensive for two hours, than one, if you intend on staying that long – but it’s recommended to try it for an hour first, to see how the kids (or you) fare on the splash park. You can buy tickets online, or at the storefront, where they go on sale at 10:45 daily.

Parking | Daily Paid Parking is located in the adjacent lot west of Chateau Suites – but you can also park for free, if you can find a spot nearby. Here’s a map for the paid parking.

Physical Condition | Most kids are going to find the Wibit at the  Aqua Splash park, a breeze – but unless you’re in pretty good physical condition, it’s going to kick your butt. There’s a ton of climbing, a ton of places where you’re going to have to have a stable core, and arm strength to pull yourself up. Be prepared for that – because it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Kids Venturing Solo | Life jackets are provided for kids using the aqua splash park – but it can make it a bit hard to see them from shore when everyone’s wearing the same life jacket – use a long-sleeved rash guard or bright colored shorts to be able to identify your kids as they’re exploring the inflatable aqua park!

Spend the Day | Spend the day at Sylvan Lake, there are plenty of areas to explore, for free. Bring along a picnic lunch, sand toys and pool floats to spend the day on the cheap and offset the costs of a summer activity that’s considered a bit of a splurge.

Have you tried the Aqua Splash Park at Sylvan Lake? We would love to hear about your experience.

Photo: Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash Park



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