Family Travel: Found a Hot Flight Deal? Here are Five Things to Check Next

There’s a rush when an incredible flight deal pops up on your social media feed – a ‘Wow – what an incredible deal!’ feeling. A ‘We’ve got to go’ feeling. An ‘our travel fund is burning a hole in my hot little pocket right now’ feeling.

There have been a couple of times when I’ve gone through the booking process before considering some of those ‘practical’ aspects of the adventure – and over time, we’ve developed a checklist of the things that we consider before clicking the ‘book now’ on the flight deal.

Found a Great Flight Deal? Here’s what to Check Next

The Weather | How is the weather for the time that you’re going to visit? The weather is going to control the types of activities that you do while you’re there – and influence whether you’re going to be able to pack light or heavy. Check the weather.

The Accommodations | What types of accommodations are available at the destination where you’re getting the stellar flight deal? Hotels? All inclusive options? What’s a realistic budget for the accommodations, food and entertainment while you’re there? These are all things to consider because that cheap flight deal can get expensive quick, depending on the destination.

The Money | There are certain destinations where your plastic just might not work – how are you going to work around that? What about currency? Are you going to be able to buy currency locally? Consider the money before you head out to some destination where you’re not going to have access to your accounts.

Speaking of money – make sure you’re fully aware of the extra fees that come along with the travel deal. There could be extra costs for resort fees, baggage fees, because not every family can travel using only carry-on baggage.

The Time | How many vacation days do you have left? For many families, there are a finite number of days of the year that can be spent travelling and on vacation, so what’s the investment on your vacation time? Consider the percentage of the vacation days each trip is going to take out of the days available, and whether the trip is going to be worth it.

The Destination | Have you been there before? Is the destination high on your list or is it only on your radar because of the incredible flight deal that you’ve discovered?

That’s the big one – just ask Jamie when I decided that we should use our bulk of the vacation days this year on a trip to China – something that wasn’t on my radar until it was only four hundred dollars return, for flights. Learning more about the destination, with the kids, made me realise that it wasn’t on my top ten – and therefore we would wait for the next great vacation deal – because let’s face it, they’re frequent. 

Entry Requirements | Are there are any requirements for the country? This is a big ‘extra cost’ to consider when you’re paying upwards of $100 for a VISA – especially if you’re travelling with a bigger family.

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