When we’re getting out of town for the weekend, day trippin’ to a new destination or boarding an airplane to discover a new destination, it just just feels right. Walking along the canal in Amsterdam, in wonder at the design, wondering about how people are living their lives, that very second, I’m pulled out of my thoughts as a local father whirs past me on a bike – one child in a baby carrier, a young one in the front and an older one strapped on to the back. That, right there, is why we travel – to get inspired by families at a new destination, to connect with them, and mostly to connect with each other, as we explore somewhere new.

We’re raising the kids to be explorers, to be fearless, to want to wander into the world to discover something new.

we’re raising adventurers.

We believe  that we can explore and adventure even in our own backyard, there’s really no better place to begin than Alberta.

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