4 Amsterdam Playgrounds to Explore When You’re Travelling with Kids

When we travel with the kids, we choose to explore at least a couple of playgrounds on the trip. Not only are they a fantastic place for kids to unwind, run around and de-stress (because let’s face it, travelling and waiting in all the lines can be stressful) but they are a great way to get the local experience.

Playgrounds can also be a great way to see the city, and explore a new location that you may have overlooked.

four playgrounds in Amsterdam you’ve got to add to your travel list:

Vondelpark | Green space for ages, you can walk or bike through the park and happen upon one of the four playgrounds within it. There are wooden play structures, rope bridges and play equipment for children to explore. It’s the perfect place for a picnic.

Sloterplas Lake | Incredible structures to climb through and on at this playground where it’s surrounded by net, it’s the perfect combination of adventure and it’s nice and close to the beach so it’s perfect for a day of exploring when the kids have had enough of palaces and dutch castles.

Playground on a Boat | There’s an incredible playground on a boat where the kids can say that they’ve now played everywhere – even off of land. Located in  Westerdok, Amsterdam, this playground is one worth exploring if you’re in the area. There’s a fun transition from one barge to the other, through the form of a netted tunnel.

Het Woeste Westen | Great place for kids, they can enjoy and play with the nature. There are several “islands” connected with gangways and rafts. Each island has their own theme and it’s free to explore and discover. This is an incredible experience as it’s designed for unsupervised learning through free imaginative play.


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